aktif perde 2012 model perdeler ve renkler


New year, most home decors are also being renewed. With each passing day more diverse productions, for most developing different designs and changing sector planning stage is a tough one to decide. Do you have the colors you can find all the answers to questions about how you can use the haberimizde.-refers to the color in your home, what do you--what, and what is used in the room? We must pay attention to what you have in choosing the color of the screen. Screen color selection what to do. Which rekler fashion? We share with you all details about the colors in the selection screen.

EKRU: All colors are considered to be the most zarifi. In each section of your home can be used a lighter color. Modern furnished living room with a sofa bed or classic furniture tamamlayıcılığı.
Red: Transaction intensive is suitable for places such as the kitchen, children's room. Shades of dark red and intense atmosphere of a boring life should not be too much for the opportunity to opt-in-Orange: dining room temperature.--. Joy and happiness to requested environments and large spaces should be used. Work room and bedroom are not suitable for.
YELLOW: Kitchen suitable for living rooms, decorated or modern. Working rooms should not be used. Mind bulandırıp leads to confusion. We do not recommend that you use as a recreational room.

GREEN: Green is a color that gives you the peace of mind in the bedroom to the living rooms of all shades of green and other kullanabilirsiniz.
-symbolises a change and transformation at the Top: TURQUOISE. Vitality shows the larger venues and spreads, refreshment. In addition to the living room and living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms are also available in the work rooms. It is also suitable for wall shades open.
PURPLE shades of lavender, the lilac and open Morun: Orchid bedrooms and work rooms are available. The ideal color for children's rooms. Bright eye-catching colours, coupled with the negative impact, care should be taken.

Shades of Black: BLACK and SHADES of GRAY and open this year as last year, the grays are also very fashion. We are seeing the furniture and carpets, and dark colours to create a stylish place is compatible with shades of gray would be the ideal choice remarked.
BROWN: Brown dark tones are used mostly in halls and living rooms. This creates a nice color with turquoise combined. Environment that brings refreshment. Halls and living rooms will have to be preferable.

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